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2017 Summer Schedule of Weekly Themes
2017 Summer Schedule of Weekly Themes




June 26 - June 30

Paintapalooza (Ages 3-5) 

 Come paint with friends and paint with toes.  Swirl and splat and paint your nose. Join Samantha and Felecia as we experiment with the many ways and many things there are to   paint.  We will create individual and group art while working both inside and out. Grab your brush and your sloppiest clothes.  Create a world where anything goes.


Fiber Fun (Ages 6-11)

Are you ready for a week of fabulous Fiber Fun with Renee and Anita?  This camp will be craft central as we try out all sorts of fiber arts. Practice hand sewing and make your own pillow or stuffed critter. Learn how to turn fleece into felt. Make your own drop spindle and spin wool into yarn. Try your hand at knitting, weaving, dyeing, and so much more. It's sure to be a fantastically fun and fiber-filled week!

July 3 - July 7

Pioneer Camp (Ages 3-5) (Open on July 4th)

Join Evan and Samantha for a week of fun living on the wild frontiers of Randolph's campus. We will become a pioneering family working together to build our own "little house" from real logs on the playground. We'll plant seeds, tend the gardens, and eat things we harvest. We will try our hand at subsistence skills like making our own candles and butter and foraging for natural materials to dye fabrics. Throughout the week we will immerse ourselves in the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder, other pioneer children and families, and Native Americans.


Word Play Camp (Ages 6-11) (Open on July 4th)

From Dr Seuss to music,, we are surrounded with poetry in ways we may not realize.   During this fun and funky week we will play with words and language in all kinds of ways. Campers will  experiment with different poetic forms, including haiku, limerick (child friendly of course), acrostics and free verse. We will explore the close relationship between poetry and song lyrics, write a rap and use rhyme to improve our memories.  At the end of the week we will hold a “Poet’s Café” where students will have a chance to perform their own poetry and honor their favorite poets. 

July 10 - July 14

Blockbuilding! (Ages 3-5)

Today a block palace, a marble shoot, a Rube Goldberg domino rally….tomorrow the Hoover Dam!  From simple forms to superb structures—dream it, build it!  Join our team of engineers, Evan and Samantha, to construct the Leaning Tower of Randolph.

Psyched to Hike! (Ages 6-11)

Are you an explorer with a passion for experiencing new things? Do you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature or the calm of being in the woods? In this camp Mike & Jules will explore with you, all that the wilderness around the Randolph School has to offer us! We will hike down to the creek and through the forest to discover and uncover the creatures that live in our rich habitat. During our adventures, we will use observational drawings and journaling to record what we’ve seen, heard, and touched. We will also be mapping our hikes, and the landmarks and landforms that we come across. Put on your hiking boots, and get ready to experience the wonderful world of hiking!

July 17 - July 21

Creek Scouts (Ages 3-5)
Calling all junior adventurers for a week of thrilling outdoor exploration at and around Randolph School! This camp is for intrepid young friends ready to learn about hiking, outdoor skills, native plants and animals, and environmental stewardship. We will take short excursions to the creek, sit under waterfalls, cook snacks on the campfire, play animal and camouflage games, and build natural shelters. We will explore Native American culture, enjoy stories about wild creatures, and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world we live in.

Fantastic Forts! (Ages 6-11)

Join builders Mike and Goldy for a week of fort-making fun! We will transform the Randolph upstairs into a maze of magical fort creations!  For our indoor fort world, kids will use fabric, cardboard, tape, rope, and found objects to create their structure.  Outdoors, we will use what nature provides, while spending lots of time cooling off at the creek and getting to know the local flora and fauna.  Happy building!

July 24 - July 28

Food Explorers (Ages 3-5)

Come join Jesse and Felecia for a week of fun with food! We'll be growing our own vegetables, decorating hats and aprons, and making lots of tasty treats! Everyone will be documenting the weeks' food discoveries in their very own recipe books. We also plan on practicing our gardening skills on the playground. We look forward to seeing all the little chefs!

Creek Scouts Camp (Ages 6-11) This camp is FULL/CLOSED

Who could ask for a more perfect place to learn about field ecology and develop camping, hiking, and wilderness survival skills than Randolph in the summertime? Join Creek Scouts leaders Goldy and Evan for a week of nature study by the creek, fire-building and outdoor cooking, camoflage games and shelter building. Learn to identify native trees, safely start a campfire without matches, and use a map and compass. Study Native American culture and enjoy Native teaching myths. For every kid that loves outdoor adventures.

July 31 - August 4

Become a Scientist (Ages 3-5)

Science-It’s everywhere! Step into the lab this week to become a scientist. Mixing, whisking, measuring, and observing are all key to a successful experiment. Come see how we can make fireworks in a jar, a tornado in a bottle, and work together to help a volcano erupt! Getting messy and dirty is all a part of the plan! As always we will have some creek fun in the afternoon to cool off! Join Felecia and Jules as we dive into the world of Science!


Rockets Red Glare (Week 1) (Ages 6-13) This Camp is FULL/CLOSED

  Move over, Darth Vader. Beam us up, Captain Kirk. Rocket Scientists will come together for a week of design and experimentation.  Engineers will build their own rockets and do a variety of experiments to understand the principles of propulsion. Sign up for one, two, or three weeks. Then, at the end of each week, we will have a launch day that will rival anything at Cape Canaveral. Come and study the secrets of space where our NASA engineers Evan and Mike learned it all. Ground control to Major Tom… Please Note:  We ask parents to coordinate rides from Randolph to Memorial Park in Beacon for our launch on Friday August 4th. Launch time is at 10:00 am. Children are invited to come back to Randolph & finish out their camp day or leave from the launch.


August 7 - August 11

Superheroes (Ages 3-5)

Superheroes Assemble! Come join Jules and Felecia as we think, create and transform into our own superheroes. We will design our own masks and capes to become our own characters. We will have to conquer an obstacle course that will test all your super strength and agility! Each superhero will have their own special page in a camp comic book that will be sent home at the end of the week. Hope to see you there!


Rockets Red Glare (Week 2) (Ages 6-13)

The Adventure Continues...

Continue your rocket from Week 1 or start a new one. Two weeks to build that super rocket you’ve never had the time to make before. Use a kit or design your own. Try those funky fins. Pack a powerful chute. Sign up for one, two, or three or just one. Then, with launch team Goldy and Mike, we will launch the rockets at the end of the week on Friday, August 11,  BLAST OFF!

Please Note:  We ask parents to coordinate rides from Randolph to Memorial Park in Beacon for our launch on Friday August 11th. Launch time is at 10:00 am. Children are invited to come back to Randolph & finish our their camp day or leave from the launch.


August 14 - August 18

Water, Water Everywhere (Ages 3-5) 

The wonders of water will be our play.  We will explore its properties through experiments and games.  Does it boil, freeze, flow, float, or splash?  We will find out through art, experiments, and natural observation.  Join Jules and Felecia for a week of fun.  Don't forget a bathing suit, water shoes, and many changes of clothes.


Rockets Red Glare (week 3) (Ages 6-11) This camp is FULL/CLOSED

Join us as we venture into an unexplored third week of Rocket Camp. Continue an earlier rocket or start a new one that is bigger, more complex, and designed to fly higher! Evan and Mike will lead this expedition; launch will be at the end of the week on Friday, August 11,  BLAST OFF!

Please Note:  We ask parents to coordinate rides from Randolph to Memorial Park in Beacon for our launch on Friday August 18th. Launch time is at 10:00 am. Children are invited to come back to Randolph & finish our their camp day or leave from the launch.