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Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees

Randolph School Board of Trustees

The members of our Board of Trustees are charged with advising and supervising the administrative committee, teachers and staff. They are a valuable resource, providing insight and advice for maintaining and strengthening Randolph School. Their skills and experiences assist and guide the teachers and the administrators as they work together to build a better school for the future.

Kate Stover

She was one of the first students at the Randolph Avenue School location in Poughkeepsie and moved with the school to Wappingers Falls, leaving at the end of 6th grade when the school didn't go any higher. Her family has been connected to the school since the beginning. Her mother worked to set up the school and create the library. Kate's brothers attended the school; one brother, Lanse, was a long-time board member as well.

Today she lives in Philadelphia and her children attend a large urban Quaker school where she is currently on the school board. Her goal for her time on the board is to raise money for Randolph School scholarships and increase teacher salaries.

Diane Boujikian

Diane Boujikian was a Randolph School teacher in the Pre-K program for 34 years.  She also worked with the 5, 6 year olds in the Kindergarten program.   Diane was one of four Co-Administrators for most of those years and then was the Director for two additional years.  Now semi-retired, she accepted a position on the Board, occasionally is called for substitute teacher work, and does consulting work with teachers and parents at Randolph as well as other school and college programs. Her passion to be a Reggio Emilia inspired educator came from her work and play with the children and the community of the Randolph School.

Megg Pascarella

Randolph School has been a family affair for the Pascarellas.  Megg was a student at Randolph school from 1982 to 1985, her brother Dave (or “Pasky” as he was known) attended from 1979 to 1984 and her mother taught French to the Upstairs students.  Megg attended Vassar College, where she studied drama and earned a degree in Political Science.  She has many fond memories of leaf raking, movie filming and maple syrup making, and hopes to use her time on the Board to ensure the opportunity for many more students to develop the love of learning that comes from those kinds of hands-on experiences.  She currently lives in Manhattan.

Josephine Johnston

Josephine Johnston has been a Randolph parent since 2012. Originally from New Zealand, Josie has lived and worked in various places in Europe and North America. She now lives in Beacon, New York with her husband and daughter. Josie has degrees in theater studies, law, and bioethics. She works as a bioethics researcher at The Hastings Center, an independent bioethics and health policy institute in Garrison, New York. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and fixing up her family's mid-century ranch.

Jermaine Lloyd

Jermaine Lloyd was first introduced to the Randolph School on a Staff-development visit. Jermaine has driven past the Randolph School on an average of twice a week for several years and has always been intrigued by the building and its surroundings; always curious of how children at Randolph learn. Jermaine is an educator at Manhattan Country School in New York City where he has taught Physical Education, Science and Community Activism for the past 12 years. His passion for athletics as a vehicle for building confidence, community, sport skills and life skills is readily seen in all of his teaching endeavors, as well as in his role as founder and director of Back 2 Basics Academy in the Bronx, NY.  B2B is a non-profit organization that provides year-round athletic training in basketball, putting into action the belief that the experiences of the sport of can foster self-awareness, teamwork, and ethics.  Jermaine lives in nearby Beacon, NY where he lives with his wife Carmen and children James and Amethyst.

Rachelle Reis-Larson

Rachelle is a South Dakota native, but has made her home in Beacon, NY for over 10 years. Rachelle is a University of Montana graduate and holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Rachelle is the parent of three, with children attending Randolph School from 2004-2009. Rachelle is a stay at home mom, and takes care of everyone and everything and is passionate about education, as evidenced by the gamut of school experience her children have enjoyed including private, public, religious, and home school.  Prior to becoming a SAHM, Rachelle worked for the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Division on Substance Abuse.


Bradford King

Brad taught at the Randolph School for over 24 years. His goal was to try to find the inner learner within each of his students whether they were 3 years old or a senior in high school. He taught his students to respect each other, to persevere through challenges, and to show compassion for all living things. Primarily Brad taught Math, Science, Computer Skills, and Photography to students in the Downstairs, Upstairs, and (at the time) Middle School. He taught all of the core subjects while he was the Head of the High School for the last two years of that program. For 22 of his years at Randolph, Brad was one of the Co-Administrators of the school. His son, Marcus, attended Randolph through fourth grade and carries his experiences with him to this day. For many summers, Brad taught camps in rocketry, international cooking, photography, nature studies, computer skills, and thematic explorations like mythology, mysteries, etc. In 2011 Brad left Randolph to live in Connecticut, get his masters in Mathematics and re-certification in Middle School Math. He has taught in the Connecticut Public School system since 2013; trying every day to bring a little Randolph into every lesson. He joined the Board of Trustees in the spring of 2016 and is glad to be back home.

Owen Tomlins

Randolph School runs deep in the Tomlins' family blood. Owen's grandmother ("Lee") was a founding member of the school, and his father (Eric) was an administrator and teacher for over 30 years. Owen himself was a student for 10 years, and subsequently a teacher at Randolph, also for 10 years. His passion for learning and teaching has led him to become an award winning documentary filmmaker. The education he received at Randolph, both as a student and teacher, has been a fundamental part of his passion and approach to filmmaking. Owen has worked with non-profit organizations his entire career, in both film and education. He now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he resides with his wife Aundra who is a teacher, and their son Grayson and daughter, Denna.