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The Philosophy of The Randolph School
The Philosophy of The Randolph School

Education at Randolph School is based in experience. Through hands-on, collaborative, and interdisciplinary explorations and studies, children make connections with each other and with the world around them. We believe in educating the whole child - the social-emotional, intellectual, physical and artistic development of a child is all interconnected. The learning environment and activities are thoughtfully designed so that children can make choices and construct their own understandings. Teachers plan educational experiences based on their knowledge of each child as well as on developmental and age-appropriate curricula. Whether we are cooking, building with blocks, researching an answer to our many questions, taking a field trip, writing a book, hiking to the stream, or painting a mural, at Randolph School each child is nurtured as a capable and unique individual in the process of becoming a lifelong learner. It is by doing that children learn how to learn.

At Common Ground Farm

At many schools, the youngest children learn by exploring and experimenting. At Randolph, all of our students engage in this meaningful kind of learning. We provide each child with the guidance, support, and challenge they need to make their own meaning. We also offer them time. At Randolph, we may choose fewer topics of study than in other schools, but we intentionally organize and develop each integrated study so that children can gain deep understandings of big ideas, as well as the knowledge and skills they are ready for at each moment of their development. A project or unit that may take a few weeks in a more traditional school can last for a few months or even weave throughout the year at Randolph School. Children's own interests and experiences also influence how a curricular project emerges and evolves. Their questions and passions matter here.