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About the Randolph School
About Randolph School
About Randolph School

A genuine philosophy of education is essentially a philosophy of life.

Living and learning are interdependent conditions.

An appropriate educational approach encourages fearless exploration, challenge and exchange of ideas…

This will not be a silent school. A school where children are learning is a place full of the sound of laughter, of tears, of gaiety and of anger.

The sound of children communicating. The sound of life. The sound of growing.“

- The Randolph School Story, 1963


Since it’s founding in 1963, the Randolph School has remained true to the vision of it’s founders who created a school “dedicated to promoting the greatest possible self-fulfillment of every child.”

We start with a deep respect for the capacity of each of our students to grow as learners, collaborators and as friends. We believe that our role as educators is to provide our students the guidance and framework needed to support their own curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking so that they develop a lifelong love of learning.

Our multi-age classrooms and low student-to-teacher ratios ensure that their learning environments are rich with opportunity for fruitful group collaboration and focused individual work.    

We nurture academic and intellectual growth by presenting our students with challenging, engaging, and authentic activities, driven by our deep understanding of their interests and capabilities.

Starting in our pre-K program, our students are building a foundation of confidence in their abilities to overcome social and academic challenges. This allows our students to develop a strong sense of “collaborative autonomy”, in which they are able to identify and solve problems both on their own and in a group.   

At Randolph school, our students play in the mud, looking for worms to observe and to ask questions about. They dive deeply into books, snuggled quietly in a reading nook filled with pillows. They sings songs together about social justice, and then write long letters to their community requesting donations for the local food bank. Our kids learn about fractions and ratios while concocting a tradition native american stew they learned about from their month long study of the people who have lived in the Hudson Valley. They brew the stew in our kitchen, using the vegetables they grew in our gardens. At Randolph School we spend big chunks of our day outdoors, not at recess but rather in our “outdoor classroom” in which opportunities to explore, inquire, experiment, collaborate, create, imagine and interact are abundant.

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Baking Sun Bread

Cleaning up Wappingers Creek

The progressive school teaches the child to think for himself instead of passively accepting stereotyped ideas. It keeps always in mind that each child is different from every other, and that what makes an
educated person useful in his particular walk of life, what makes him interesting, what makes him an
individual, is not his resemblance to other people, but his differences.

John French

The child who loves to learn, lives to learn.

The child who loves to learn, lives to learn.